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Husband Wife Dispute

Husband has two wives, but their soul is one, if the husband is the friend of the believer, the love of love, the desire for one another, the ability to give self to each other, anger And do not be arrogant, they understand each other, get symmetric, get thoughts, and if not, then try to understand each other and if the relationship is like friendship, then there is no difficulty in the journey of life Face up The life full of love and happiness you can spend.

Those husband wife who only pretend to be together, try to humiliate each other, whose relation is on the foundations of doubt, spoiling their home by talking to a third, only thinking about themselves, Anger and ego should be in their behavior, always show less than one another in front of others, there is no relation like friendship, there is no foundation for such a relationship, and this relationship is not the foundation of such relationship. Mitigation is not in time, nor does it have any age. So if you want your husband’s wife’s relationship to remain strong, and you can enjoy this relationship a lot, and if you want to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife, contact our Astrologer Gk Sharma Ji should do.

Marriage is considered to be the strongest relationship in all relations. But when the door to this strong relationship weakens, then the clouds of disappointment like dissolve in life. Family or friend, after all fulfilling their responsibilities, become busy in their lives. If you live together, then husband and wife. But when both of them get together with each other, they will feel overwhelmed if they stay with each other, of course, they all make burdens of life. Married couple is not enjoying any kind of happiness due to some reason, then astrologer Gk Sharma’s astrologer’s remedy can get you through this problem. In the present time due to ideological differences or different lifestyle, husband and wife are facing various problems related to each other. To address this, there are some technical measures which will make this problem in a few days.

1. Keep vermilion under your husband’s pillow overnight and in the morning, half of the vermillion should be dropped into the house and half remaining vermilioned wife put it in her demand. This remedy will prove very effective.
2. On Sunday night, give a little vermillion scatter under the husband’s mattress and in the morning put the vermillion in the wife’s demand.
3. To make the couple happy, husband should eat the raisin milk every night and the wife should always wear gold bangles.
4. On Friday, Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi ji enjoy sweets with juice and both husband and wife take it as prasad.
5. With the wipe of salt water daily in the house, the quarrel between husband and wife cools down and negative powers are also removed from home.
6. Put jugs in water and offer them daily to Sun God. By doing so, sweeteners dissolve in marriage.
7. Burn the ghee lamp near the Peepal tree on Thursday and place it on a lamp intersection. Also keep a dessert in a couple of dessert and keep it aside.
8. By placing Gomti Chakra in vermilion box, disputes between husband and wife resolve and increase in love.

To strengthen husband-wife relationship today, contact the famous astrologer Gk Sharma, India and find the right solutions.

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